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A simple robotics framework.

RoboComp is an open-source Robotics framework providing the tools to create and modify software components that communicate through public interfaces. Components may require, subscribe, implement or publish interfaces in a seamless way. Building new components is done using two domain specific languages, IDSL and CDSL. With IDSL you define an interface and with CDSL you specify how the component will communicate with the world. With this information, a code generator creates C++ and/or Python sources, based on CMake, that compile and execute flawlessly. When some of these features have to be changed, the component can be easily regenerated and all the user specific code is preserved thanks to a simple inheritance mechanism.

Google Summer of Code 2018 Ideas

General information on applications

This is the list of ideas for the Google Summer of Code 2018, if you are interested in any of the ideas listed below or you think you can propose something interesting to improve RoboComp we encourage you to apply.

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We have been selected!

We can happily announce that Robolab has been selected as a mentor organization.

We are now updating the profile of our mentors.