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A simple robotics framework.


Ronit Jorvekar

Idea: Learning acceptable social behaviour using machine learning techniques
Mentors: Luis J. Manso and Pedro Nuñez

  1. First post
  2. RGCN and hyperparameter tuning
  3. Pytorch geometric support and Additional feature on server
  4. Integration of previous work with Robocomp’s DSR
  5. Final Post

Elena Barranco

Idea: Development of a graphic interface for RoboComp’s code generator: robocompdsl
Mentors: Ramón Cintas and Esteban Martinena

  1. First post
  2. CDSL file checker
  3. Improve interfaces search
  4. First Graphical Interface version and implementation of highlighter
  5. Custom interfaces list widget
  6. Real-time parser
  7. Project resume

Alberto Andujar

Idea: Storage of the graph-based world representation used in RoboComp
Mentors: Luis V. Calderita and Ramón Cintas

  1. First post
  2. Developing a Serious-Game using RoboComp: First steps
  3. Developing a Serious-Game using RoboComp: Web project

Aditya Aggarwal

Idea: People identification component for the EBO educational robot
Mentors: Sayali Deshpande and Pilar Bachiller

  1. First post
  2. Face Detection and Alignment
  3. New components created
  4. Face Recognition
  5. Experimenting with the Model and Error Handling
  6. Problems + Solutions

Shashwat Shrivastava

Idea: Interactive robotic simulator
Mentors: Pilar Bachiller and Sparsh Garg

  1. First post
  2. Object Detection, Texture Change and Tree Viewing option
  3. Dynamic object modifications
  4. Object deletion, undo and lot more

Nikhil Bansal

Idea: Testing and comparison of alternative robotic simulators for Robocomp
Mentors: Pablo Bustos and Nicolás González

  1. First post
  2. Second post
  3. Integrating V-REP with RoboComp
  4. differentialrobotVREP and keyboardrobotcontroller Component
  5. linefollowingVREP Component
  6. obstacleAvoidanceVREP Component

Isabel Najarro

Idea: Development of a Text To Speech component that operates offline for the EBO educational robot
Mentors: Iván Barbecho and Marco A. Gutiérrez

  1. First post.
  2. New text2Speech.
  3. Be careful,the voice is taking shape!
  4. Final results.

José Manuel Agúndez

Idea: New examples and scenarios for swarm robotics in RoboComp
Mentors: Francisco Andrés and Cristian Vázquez

  1. First post
  2. Second post
  3. Third post
  4. Final post

Paras Kumar

Idea: RCManager 2.0: a tool to deploy and monitor large sets of RoboComp components
Mentors: Esteban Martinena and Pablo Bustos

  1. First post

Mariyam Fedoseeva

Idea: Development of a Human Activity Recognition Component
Mentors: Diego R. Faria, Marco A. Gutiérrez

  1. First post
  2. Classifying CAD-60
  3. Improving accuracy of activity recognition
  4. CNN and Transfer Learning
  5. Robocomp components creation

Ahmed Madbouly

Idea: A Natural Language Understanding (NLU) component for RoboComp

Mentors: Pedro Núñez, Araceli Vega

  1. First post
  2. Create Your Own Text to Speech synthesizer with Ossian

Liubove Orlov Savko

Idea: Develop a Human Activity Recognition (HAR) component for RoboComp

Mentors: Diego R. Faria, Araceli Vega

  1. First post
  2. First attemp of classification
  3. Improving classification
  4. Final results