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A simple robotics framework.


Sayali Deshpande

Idea: Emotion Recognition Component for Learnbot
Mentors: Iván Barbecho Delgado and Pilar Bachiller

  1. Hello, World!
  2. Happy? Sad? Neutral?
  3. The CNN-DSIFT Model
  4. Experimenting with Facial Landmarks
  5. Problems Solved

Mayank Kumar

Idea: Extending RCManager functionalities
Mentors: Esteban Martinena and Pablo Bustos

Akash Kumar Singh

Idea: Gazebo-RoboComp Integration
Mentors: Marco A Gutiérrez and Ramon Cintas

  1. RoboComp-Gazebo Integration : Introduction
  2. Gazebo: Introduction
  3. Gazebo Plugins
  4. Is there nothing other than Plugins?
  5. Gazebo-RoboComp Integration Tool: gazeboserver
  6. Gazebo Plugins: Demo
  7. Slice
  8. ICE Interface
  9. Gazebo-RoboComp: Integration
  10. Gazebo-RoboComp Integration: TimeLine
  11. Gazebo-RoboComp: Demo Scenarios

Maria Bohórquez

Idea: Generation of new use cases, tutorials and reference information for RoboComp
Mentors: Marco A Gutiérrez

  1. Generation of new use cases, tutorials and reference information: Introduction
  2. Updating ReadTheDocs. Why is Travis failing?
  3. Checking and Upgrading Docs
  4. Installation Script and Style Guide for Docs
  5. Using the Installation Script
  6. Remodelling ReadTheDocs
  7. Creating the FAQ
  8. After the Summer & Contact Info

Araceli Vega Magro

Idea: Improving the Human-centered Robot Navigation Agent
Mentors: Luis Jesús Manso and Pedro Núñez Trujillo

  1. Introduction: Social Navigation
  2. Adaptive Personal Space
  3. Modifications in the Navigation Agent
  4. A flexible way to consider the personal spaces
  5. Human blocking detector and other new functions
  6. Modifications in the DSR

Piyush Pilaniya

Idea: Integrating MORSE Human-robot interaction simulator with RoboComp
Mentors: Luis Jesús Manso and Pablo Bustos

José Alberto Andújar

Idea: JavaScript support
Mentors: Nicolas Gonzalez Flores and Luis V. Calderita

  1. RoboComp- Javascript support
  2. First steps with ZeroC Ice
  3. Add Javascript to ZeroC Ice
  4. First Web application ZeroC Ice
  5. Connection with the robot: Demo Test

Prinshu Kumar

Idea: Learnblock (Learnbot programming language) extension for collaborative robotics
Mentors: Marco A Gutiérrez and Iván Barbecho Delgado

  1. Learnblock extension for collaborative robotics : Introduction
  2. Creating the tabular structure
  3. publishing and subscribing using paho-mqtt

Sparsh Garg

Idea: RCIS: improving RoboComp simulator with contact physics
Mentors: Pablo Bustos and Ramon Cintas

  1. Introduction: RobocompInnerModel Editor
  2. Creating new nodes
  3. Adding new features in Tool
  4. Making user friendly
  5. Drag and Drop
  6. Help & Support

Cristina Mendoza Gutiérrez

Idea: Visual Detection Mechanisms in Mobile Robots Mentors: Pablo Bustos and Ramon Cintas

  1. Introduction: Visual Detection Mechanisms in Mobile Robots.
  2. First approximation to the system
  3. Deepening in the state machine
  4. Explanation of other system parts
  5. First improvement: thermal map
  6. Second improvement: new object level
  7. Results and experiments