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Contributor Guidance for GSoC’2022

21 Feb 2022

General information on applications

You can find the list of ideas for Google Summer of Code 2022 here.

Before writting your application, take into account the following considerations:

  • It is important to first familiarize with the software.
  • Please, go through the available tutorials and direct your questions to the gitter chat.
  • Please read all the information posted in this page before applying or asking.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the required skills for the idea.
  • Since several of the mentioned RoboComp tools and components are not explained here to keep this list short, we encourage everyone to check the RoboComp documentation linked below.
  • Mentors and backup mentors are listed right after the idea title. All mentors contact info is at the end of the page. Contact them directly for specific questions on the idea.

Robocomp installation and tutorials:

If you have not worked before with Git Branching, we encourage you to visit this web:

Where can I start and what to include on my application?

You are encouraged to go through these steps for a better understanding and follow-up of your application:

  1. Download and install RoboComp:
  2. Follow the tutorials:
  3. Once you are familiar with RoboComp and the components and tools involved in the particular idea you want to contribute to, try to understand how these components/tools work and, if possible, their design.
  4. Participate in gsoc gitter asking any question you might have.
  5. Create a schedule with the milestones you plan to follow during the GSoC 2022 program.
  6. Send the schedule and any code you might have written along with your CV and other application materials to the mentor of your idea and the backup mentor (/web/gsoc/2022/ideas/#complete-list-of-mentors).

For general questions about RoboComp please use: The gitter chat.