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A simple robotics framework.


Anshul Lahoti

Idea: An Automatic Speech Recognition(ASR) Component for RoboComp

Mentors: Sparsh Garg, Pablo Bustos, Marco Antonio

  1. First post

Mohamed Shawky

Idea: DNN’s for precise manipulation of household objects

Mentors: Pablo Bustos, Marco Antonio

  1. Introduction
  2. Complete Work Pipeline
  3. Component Structure and Pose Estimation DNN Improvements
  4. Final Pose Estimation Settings
  5. Pipeline Integration and First Grasping Demo
  6. Final Grasping Results and Integration with DSR
  7. Work Done with DSR Integration
  8. Final Project Submission

Rishabh Baghel

Idea: Efficient acceptable social behaviour using machine learning techniques

Mentors: Daniel Rodriguez Criado, Pilar Bachiller, Ronit Jorvekar

  1. Introduction about the project
  2. Speedup in graph creation, separation of GNNs and CNNs and support for DGL and PG
  3. A Toolkit to Generate Social Navigation Datasets
  4. A usecase for the toolkit
  5. Summarizing the experience

Kanav Gupta

Idea: Hand Gesture Recognition Component

Mentors: Francisco Andrés, Aditya Aggarwal

  1. First post
  2. Component Structure of Project
  3. Hand Detection in image feed
  4. Hand Keypoint Detection
  5. Dataset Creation and other updates
  6. Gesture Recognition and Future Work

Shubh Maheshwari

Idea: Human recognition (identification) using multi-modal perception system

Mentors: Diego R. Faria, Aditya Aggarwal

  1. First post
  2. Face recognition
  3. Gait recognition
  4. Multi person tracker
  5. Pipeline/Component Design
  6. Demo GUI

Rishi Gondkar

Idea: Testing and comparison of alternative robotic simulators for Robocomp

Mentors: Pedro Núñez Trujillo, Juan Carlos García

  1. First post
  2. conversationalAgent RASA
  3. Usecases and Writing Mission Files
  4. GUI for conversationalAgent
  5. Final Post

Palash Agarwal

Idea: Integration of an emotion recognition component in RoboComp

Mentors: Luis J. Manso, Daniel Rodriguez Criado, Diego R. Faria

  1. First post
  2. Hand Crafted Features
  3. Face Detection
  4. Facial Emotion Recognition
  5. Graph Convolutional Networks for Emotion Recognition

Akash Kumar Singh

Idea: Python3 bindings for InnerModel Library

Mentors: Luis J. Manso, Esteban Martinena, Ramon Cintas

  1. First post
  2. Porting InnerModel APIs from C++ to Python
  3. InnerModel and PyBullet
  4. Adding ROS2 support in robocompdsl (Design)
  5. Design Details (robocompdsl)

Rahul Katiyar

Idea: Robocomp GUI development

Mentors: Araceli Vega Magro, Pedro Núñez Trujillo, Ramon Cintas

  1. Introduction
  2. Human Observer Agent GUI
  3. Integrating Google Calendar with GUI
  4. Human Scene Simulation
  5. Automated tool to perform optimisation

Nivedita Rufus

Idea: Software agent for estimating occupancy in medium and large buildings using RGB cameras

Mentors: Pedro Núñez Trujillo, Sergio Barroso Ramírez, Juan Carlos García

  1. Indroduction
  2. Summary:First-Eval
  3. Summary:Second-Eval
  4. Summary:Third-Eval
  5. Conclusion

José Miguel Sánchez

Idea: Syntax-error highlighter for LearnBlock

Mentors: Ivan Barbecho Delgado, Pilar Bachiller, Luis V. Calderita

  1. First post
  2. First coding period
  3. Planning and discussing prior to coding
  4. Project finished!