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Packaging RoboComp

23 May 2015

###deb packages

For creating a robocomp debian package :

cd ~/robocomp
mkdir build
cmake ..
make package

will create a .deb package in the build directory, which we can install using any packaging application like dpkg. To install the created package, just double click on it(open with Software Center) or in terminal type

sudo dpkg -i <packagename>.deb

###source packages for ppa

Launchpad will only accept source packages and not binary.Launchpad will then build the packages. For building source packages we are using debuild which is a wrapper around the dpkg-buildpackage + lintian. so you will need to install debuild and dput on your system.The source_package.cmake script is used to create debian source package.

The main CMakeLists.txt file defines a target spackage that builds the source package in build/Debian with make spackage

For uploading the package to ppa, First change the PPA_PGP_KEY in package_details.cmake to the contact of the PGP key details registered with your ppa account.Then create a source package by building the target spackage.Once the Source package is build successfully, upload it to your ppa by:

cd Debian/
dput ppa:<lp-username>/<ppa-name> package-source.changes

building of source package can be tested with:

cd Debian/robocomp-<version>
debuild -i -us -uc


If you want to upload another source package to ppa which doesn’t have any changes in the source but maybe in the debian files. you can build the spackage after commenting out set(DEB_SOURCE_CHANGES "CHANGED" CACHE STRING "source changed since last upload") in package_details.cmake so that the the script will only increase the ppa version number and wont include the source package for uploading to ppa (which otherwise will give an error).

Nithin Murali