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A simple robotics framework.

GSoC, After Midterms

20 Aug 2015

At the start of the second term, I finished developing the version-2 of the website.

Version-2 :

After learning from the previous-2 version built the Version-3(Current) of the website using Jekyll.

Version-3 :

Website :

Parallely I started developing simple components for robocomp which would introduce new users to the framework. I have implemented the components in both the languages which robocomp supports - c++ and python. Also have documented the same.

C++ components :

Python components :

Documentation :

Future : I will be writing starter components for each of the available interface so that a new user can easily get started. After having executed most of the already available components in the robocomp organization, In the coming days I will be working on components using PCL and explore other possibilities with the framework. It has been a great learning experience so far and I am hungry for more. Cheers!

Rajath Kumar M.P