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18 May 2016


Hi all,My name is Basil M Varghese.I am doing my Btech on Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Ropar.I am a participant on Google Summer of Codes 2016 under the Organization Robocomp.Before continuing this page I insist you to read about the robocomp platform if you haven’t.

My aim is to built a GUI tool to deploy and control all the components in a component graph tree created by the framework.The framework already have a similar tool for deploying the components and control them through yakuake tabs for every component.It is currently using Qpainter Widget for drawing the component tree and to select the functionalities.I will be putting the QtGraphicsView framework for the job as it uses Binary space partitioning which will drastically increase the tool’s capacity and functionalities.My job also include building a method to control the deployed components from within the tool itself.

I have divided my work plan into differnt milestones.I have listed it below.

  • Understanding the current code base. * Some part of the code can be reused and it is very important to know the flow and flaw of the current system to create a new tool. * Approximate required time:2 weeks
  • Creating a standalone GUI * This part include building the gui for controlling part,Deploying part and editing part.New icons and menus will be added. * Approximate required time:2 week
  • Creating the new version of rcmanager * This part include building working system for controlling ,Deploying and edit the component. * Approximate required time:4 weeks
  • Testing the code and bug fixing * I have to run the tool with some of the already built component graphs and fix the bugs that may encounter. * Approximate required time:2 weeks
  • Documentation of the new tool * This include documenting about the working of rcmanager in framework website and also making a manual guide of the tool inside the rcmanager itself. * Approximate required time:2 week

So In my plan, I will be able to build a working, fairly documented Gui tool in 12 weeks.The remaining 1 week is part of the contingency plan :).

Basil M Varghese