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Who I am? What will I make?

19 May 2016

Hi! My name is Iván Barbecho Delgado, I’m from Extremadura and I was born on 25.04.1994 and I’m study computer engineering in School of Technology of University of Extremadura. Actually I’m working in a project wich robolab, this consist in making walk a hexapod and put sensors.

I can not start my project, because I have perform exams, but when the exams are finished, I will work on the project thoroughly. For now I will work 1 to 2 hours a day in my project. In June, I will start my project seriously. This is my plan to work.

My project will be divided into two parts, automatic code generation for State Machines once in C++ and other in python. So they can generate a componet with a state machine easily. This is very importar for save time when creating components that using state machines.

I work wich DSL(domain-specific language), RoboComp, C++ and Python. I will use mainly Qt State Machine Framework.

Qt State Machine Framework:


RoboComp’s repository: