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Introduction, Problem Statement and deliverables

11 May 2016


It is my real pleasure to work with RoboComp in Gsoc. My name is Swapnil Sharma and I am going to introduce myself and give a brief overview of problem statemnt and its deliverables in this first post. I am doing my B.Tech from IIT Mandi with CS Major.

Problem Statement

Automating the uploading of binary files using git-annex

Currently, the process of uploading binary files is tedious and lengthy and users have to run many commands whenever they want to upload a small file.

So, to prevent the user from getting lost, a special tool is required which can automate the uploading process of binary. It will take care of all the steps required to upload a binary file to a server storage and adding its link to git-annex for its managment.


The end product of this project will be a command line utility that will take the name of the binary file from user and upload that particular file to storage server.

Swapnil Sharma