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21 May 2016


Hi ,My name is Yahsh Sanap.I am doing my Btech on Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai.I am a participant on Google Summer of Codes 2016 under the Organization Robocomp.

My Project is writing a new component in RoboComp that will provide a naming and port service. When starting, components will now contact this new service to advertise its name, available interfaces and request a valid port. Other components starting later will be able to query the service for component names and interfaces, and therefore being able to establish their proxy connections in real time, eliminating the need for complex and tedious configuration files.I will also try to explore more features for the componenet by studying various similer projects like Ice Grid, ROS Master etc.

The first few weeks will be dedicated to reading up about the robocomp framework and geeting a deep insight about how things work now. Then i will be reading about simliler projects and take ideas about how their usefull features can be implimented in this project. Once i have a clear idea about ths project and features to impliment i will start by creating a basic component will basic query capabilities. Latter adding new features. The last few weeks are dedicated for testing and complete any documentation left.

I will be working mainly in CDSL, IDSL and python.

Yash sanap