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final week updates

20 Aug 2016

Final Evaluation Updates

In this post I am concluding the work done during my GSOC period. I will outline the basic work done, results achieved and how to use the tools I have developed. Also I will provide a demo of the work done.

Work Completed

I have developed and thoroughly tested RCMaster. Also I have changed the C++ and python components to use RCMaster. Also these changes are incorporated into the code generator so that even the future components will use RCMaster by default.

I will list down the features of RCMaster now:

  • All the components can register to RCMaster in which they will be given a free port
  • The queries can be filtered by various parameters. e.g: A component can get the list of all the interfaces of name “test” running on the host
  • RCMaster periodically saves the database so that even if the RCMaster crashes it can recover the data on restart and prevent the hassle of restarting the components.
  • RCMaster has a cache implemented so that if a component is crashed it will be assigned the same port on restart. So that all the previous connected components can continue the connection.
  • The components will now wait until the required interfaces are up and if any of the interfaces go down then they will suspend until they are up. This allows us to start the components in any order.
  • RCMaster is designed to produce meaningful exceptions.


Here I will describe how to generate a sample component and how to run it

First write the cdsl description of the component client1.cdsl

import "/robocomp/interfaces/IDSLs/RCMaster.idsl";
import "/robocomp/interfaces/IDSLs/Test.idsl";
import "/robocomp/interfaces/IDSLs/ASR.idsl";

Component client1{
    	requires rcmaster;
    	implements ASR,test;
	language Python;

Now generate the component by running robocompdsl client1.cdsl ./

Now generate another component client2.cdsl by running robocompdsl client2.cdsl ./

import "/robocomp/interfaces/IDSLs/RCMaster.idsl";
import "/robocomp/interfaces/IDSLs/Test.idsl";
import "/robocomp/interfaces/IDSLs/ASR.idsl";

Component client2{
    	requires rcmaster,test;
	language Python;
}; Now edit the client2 to use the test interface implemented by client1\. Open `src/` file from the client2's directory and change the `@@COMP NAME HERE@@` to client1.

Edit the client to src/ in client 2 and add the below code in the compute function.

    self.proxyData["test"]["proxy"].printmsg("hello from " +
 except Ice.SocketException

Now edit the printmsg() in src/specificworker to add the below line

print message

Now we can run all the components.

First start the RCMaster and then the components

src/    This will start RCMaster.    Now start client2 , then you can see that the client 2 is waiting for client1

src/ –Ice.Config=etc/config

Now start client1

    src/ --Ice.Config=etc/config

Now you can see the client1 printing “Hello from Client2” periodically. Play around

Demo video

You can see the video of the above demo here

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