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Designing the Syntax for DSL

June 23, 2017

As notified in the earlier posts, I had started working on the DSL Translator. I discussed this with my mentor and came up with the syntax for DSL.

The DSL bears close resemblance with python, except for the fact that indentation isn’t mandatory here. Instead I have used the end keyword, to demarcate the scope of a code block. This is because we intend to keep the code simple and easy to write. writing end explicitly, rules out the possibility of errors because of wrong indentation of a few statements

The syntax is designed for:

print statement
variable declaration
conditional statements
mathematical operations
learnbot-specific statements

The DSL is currently, only being developed for the event-based programs. I will expand the DSL for the state-based approach after this is merged.

After the DSL is finalized for event and state-based approach, I’ll begin coding the Error-reporter, which reports the appropriate syntactical error and suggests the possible debugging solution.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed Friday! 🙂

Aniq Ur Rahman