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Learnbot-DSL version 1 is ready!

August 2, 2017

So, the third and final work period of GSoC has started and I have successfully passed all the evaluations till now. :D The more important good news is that the version 1 of Learnbot-DSL is ready and working. Some minor bugs were fixed for proper translation of the DSL code.

After discussion with my mentor, Dr. Pilar, we have chalked out the work for this last work period. Some major additions are to be done in the codebase which will be explained in the upcoming posts as I complete them.

Hope to complete the version 2 of learnbot-DSL before the final evaluations begin. For the evaluations, I aim to create a slideshow which will be a sort of explanation + tutorial on how to use the DSL.

The code of version 1 of Learnbot-DSL can be found here

Happy August!

Aniq Ur Rahman