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About me

Hello! My name is Roberto García Romero, I’m from Cáceres and I am a engineer building although I am currently studying computer engineering in computer engineering at the University of Extremadura.

About the project

This project aims to redesign Learnbot to make your design more suitable to accomplish your tasks. In this revision of the design are intended to add new features as a matrix LED or infrared and improve the current features (change the situation of the camera to make it more functional, among others). On the other hand this revision aims to better adapt the position of the components and make the robot easily recordable.

A few weeks ago I uploaded a redesign proposal from Learnbot in STL format and an image to illustrate in which way I intend to redesign the robot. This week I hope to receive the information necessary to make all the changes that allow me to build the designs of the first prototypes.

The planning

I Attach a link to a Gantt that shows how I intend to develop the project

Roberto García Romero (@brickbit)