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Learning Algorithms for Efficient Planning

20th June 2017

What is Automated Planning?

Automated Planning or AI Planning is a branch of Aritificial Intelligence. It concerns with computing action sequences that helps us reach from initial state to goal state.

What is the issue?

Planning algorithm take exponential amount of time for solving real-life problem. This is because in practical situations we deal with a variety of actions, some of which might be totally useless for computing plans.

Where to draw the line?

The high-level solution is that if we can get some probability distribution on degree of relevance over all actions, we might get an idea about how relevant certain actions are. And therefore, ignore all irrelevant actions.

What do we aim to do?

Our aim is to use Learning Algorithms to compute probability distribution over all actions. We will be training our algorithm over various solved instances and learn the relevance factor for each action for the given scenario.

Lashit Jain