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My first post

27th May, 2018

About me

Hello, my name is Cristina Mendoza. I’m a fourth year Informatics Engineering student at University of Extremadura, Spain. Right now, I’m finishing my studies and I’m working with this group to expand my knowledge.

Robolab is a Robotics and Artificial Vision laboratory from University of Extremadura. I started to work with it because I have received a Robotics subject and I like it so much. So, I decided to write my final degree project about robots here.

I like Artificial Vision a lot. I started with a robot called “Muecas” (it means grimace), it was the most developed robot in terms of Artificial Vision. The project was to develop a system to make gestures with its face. But the project have been abandoned for several years, that’s why my tutor told me to leave it.

About my proyect: Visual Detection Mechanism in Mobile Robots

I think about how to improve the RoboComp system by adding visual detection mechanisms to the mobile robots. This provides to the robot all the information needed to predict its short-term environment and react better than a robot without this technology (it could look less human, it couldn’t know about its probable near future so it couldn’t react to it).That is to say, if a person passes in front of the robot, probably, it can’t know it to react and border the person, because it is an unpredictable event. But, with this technology, if a human crosses ahead, the robot detects a change in its environment and it can change its path to not collide with the human. I have used RoboComp before and I know that it is a good software that can be greatly improve with this system.