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May 2, 2018.

Who I am?

Hi! I’m Maria Gabriela Bohórquez. Currently studying Electronics Engineering in Simón Bolívar University in Caracas, Venezuela. I work mainly in Robotics projects with interests on Machine Learning, Network and IoT Security, and Social Startups.

I can be contacted either by my email: or by Twitter.

What will I work on?

My main goal is to make Robocomp more open to the general public. Robocomp would be benefited from offering a better user experience for beginners with better tutorials and a more seamlessly transition for collaborators to work on it.

On my First Month I will:

  • Implement new tutorials in the area of Installation Guides for Windows and various Linux distros.
  • Improve the ReadtheDocs. Look for errors and start moving and rewriting stuff. For example I have to check what is wrong with the tutorial on the highlyunstable branch.
  • Personalize the existing page and create a pull request template to make it easier to contribute in an orderly way.
  • Write a new About page. This needs to be done with a lot of time to review it until it conveys the “Why –> How –> What” of Robocomp perfectly.

For more details on my proposal you can see the GSoC page or the more detailed version of this post on my personal website.