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A simple robotics framework.

End of First Month

For questions or help for GSoC students, contact me at or

Documentation for Robocomp is being updated

  • Starting from the robocompdsl tutorial, all tutorials from the /doc folder are being tested and updated. Testing takes more time than originally thought, as all make commands need to run, and functions used on Robocomp.

  • Compiling Robocomp with Collision Detection is inefficient, and way too slow a process. To know this, seeing the tutorial is enough. Either a bash script is needed or adding native FCL support for the Debian package.

  • Gifs are being made for the front page and tutorials. Videos were suggested, but they are usually ignored, as Markdown doesn’t support them inside the documentation (clicking them takes to an external site). For this, Peek is being used.

Example of Gif