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First Half of Second Month

For questions or help for other GSoC students (or anyone really!), contact me at or

Learning about how to write User-friendly Documentation

Writing good documentation is the core of making projects more friendly for more members of the community. Writing documentation that is inclusive, for a global audience and answer questions that may arise it’s a challenge.

Having a way to contact the team for help it’s a start. That’s why was created.

As reference about creating developer documentation I chose Google’s style guide. It explains general principles as well as grammar rules, naming conventions, formatting tips and more.

All the tutorials that already existed in the /doc folder were checked out and updated. Priority was given into improving reading flow, expanding explanations and checking that all of the code was working.

Writing a Script to install Robocomp

It was pointed out to me that the installation process for Robocomp was too long and could be automated. I started to write a bash script to solve this problem.

It gives options to download Robocomp with FLC support (part of this already existed here). I took tips from a Bash Scripting UX Guide to make it as good looking as I could.

This is part of how it looks for now:

Alt text

When I finish testing the script, it’s time to make new tutorials!