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Using the Installation Script

For questions or help for other GSoC students (or anyone really!), contact me at or

Downloading the Script

  1. Go to the Installation Script file in the repository. It’s called [link].

  2. Right click the Raw button and select Save link as....


  1. Right Click this link and select Save link as....

Pro Tip: Download it to Home so it’s easier to find it.

Running the Script from the terminal

  1. Open your terminal window in your Ubuntu operating system.

  2. Go to the place where you downloaded the file.

Pro Tip: Some Terminal Basics –> With the cd command you can change your place to other folders. With ls you can see the files in your current place.

  1. Make it executable with this command: sudo chmod +x It’s probably going to prompt you for your password.

  2. Now run it with this command: ./

Answering the Script Questions

When you run the script, it’s going to ask you several questions, prompting you with several y/n (Yes/No) options.

Depending on your downloading speed and how powerful your processor is, the installation process can take from a few minutes to almost an hour.

Pro Tip: if you make a mistake in the process, you can escape the script with Ctrl + C.

The Installation Script in a short gif:

Gif of the process

# # #

If you have any problem with the installation, please contact me at: