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Remodelling ReadTheDocs so all the Docs are in the same place

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Learning about how to configurate ReadTheDocs

ReadTheDocs (the org) has a pretty extensive documentation section [1], where they never say how to make your docs as nice as theirs :unamused:.

These are Open Source Projects, so clearly the solution to this was searching the original code for their documentation!

After a little bit (a lot) of searching and investigating I found this.

ReadTheDocs Github

And voila! In the index.rst file (in the /docs folder in the repo) you create these little groups of files so your docs will look like this:

ReadTheDocs Docs

So, on we go to experiment with Robocomp’s docs. Here is the index.rst:

Our changes

And this should about fix our docs like ReadTheDocs.

Comment: If this doesnt work it’s probably the ../file in the path. I didn’t know where ReadTheDocs goes looking for the files, so I wrote the path starting from /docs ang going to /doc.