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A simple robotics framework.

After the Summer

Working on Community Building

Part of all great Open Source Projects is helping others contribute. That is how you kept projects alive. I gave my email through all the posts so people can contact me. It’s my personal email, so I am reading it constatly.

I’m also open to meeting people if they are near me (I’m Venezuelan but am currently transferring to Universidad de Buenos Aires, so if you are in Argentina, hit me up).

I’m going to keep contributing to Robocomp. I really liked all the people that work on it, and it’s a really great project with a lot of potential to grow even more.

Contact Info

My email is You can also contact me on Twitter: @mgbohorquez.

Next Steps

I still have ideas I want to implement on the list. Some depend in how other GSoC projects are integrated, like the Gazebo-Robocomp project.

One major project I want to undertake is moving Robocomp to ICE 3.7, but that needs creating a new Ubuntu package and merging code for previous GSoC projects, and fixing a lot of bugs. But it would allow to implement Robocomp with others programming languages, and use it in a native way with other operating systems.

Google Summer of Code was a great experience. Now I am very motivated to participate in this and others Open Source Projects!