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A simple robotics framework.

About me

I am a 2nd year Electronics and Communication Engineering student at IIIT Hyderabad with special interest in Robotics.

Why RobocompInnerModel Editor?

It is a simple 3D graphics editor for innerModel files. InnerModel files are given as arguments while running RCIS to render our scene. Currently if we want to change any innerModel file then we have to change it manually by opening it in text editor. With the help of RobocompInnerModel Editor we can change our innerModel file graphically by just adding ,removing or editing properties of nodes and seeing corresponding change in scene. So it’ll be convenient for user to change innerModel file by alongside visualizing it also. User will also be able to visualize kinematic tree represented by scene.


  1. User will be able to change position, orientation and physical properties of objects in scene conveniently.
  2. User will be able to add new objects or nodes and delete objects he/she want to remove from scene.
  3. User will be able to visualize scene with live editing.