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RoboComp- Serious-games with RoboComp

May 7, 2019

About me

My name is José Alberto Andújar Espinosa. I studied Computer Science at the University of Extremadura and, last year, I started a Master degree in Computer Science. My Master thesis obtained the highest mark. The work was about a mobile application and a web application designed to study active ageing. From the technological point of view, the mobile application was developed using the Ionic framework and Angular for the web frontend. So, I have solid knowledge of JavaScript, as well as its ecosystem. Currently, while I am studying the new Master, I work as a freelance. In my daily work, I use the following technologies: NodeJS, MongoDB, Angular and Ionic. I also have knowledge of CMS, like Joomla, and relational databases like MySql. In the same way, I have experience deploying applications made with those technologies in different servers in commercial clouds, such as Azure or Digital Ocean. I also have knowledge of C++ and Python, as they were the main programming languages used for my college work. Furthermore, I have done several courses in Udemy and CodeAcademy covering both languages. I’m especially interested in learning the new advances in C++17 and how compilers optimize code with it. I’m familiar with robotic frameworks and component-oriented programming since I had to use while cursing my Bachelor and Master degrees, although I do not have the same experience with the other technologies. I consider this GSoC an opportunity to deep into the RoboComp framework and consequently into the Robotics developing tools.

About the Project

In connivance with my mentors, we have decided to change somehow the focus of our project towards more practical oriented use of RoboComp. We will be extending the resources that RoboComp currently has to connect to and deploy components in web browsers. Using new advances in ZeroC’s Ice middleware, we will explore the idea of using the newest front-end technologies to provide an independent visual output for the network of components running the logic of the robot. As an example, we will validate our developments with a serious-game played by the robot and an elder person designed to stimulate both cognitive and physical aspects of the human partner.


  • To introduce in RoboComp’s tools the new features provided by ZeroC’s Ice middleware related to web socket communication.
  • Create several interfaces of different complexity that will be used form regular and browser-based componentes
  • Analyze the performance of web socket based data interchange in a RoboComp ecosystem
  • Provide guides and solutions to modify the existing tools so the can include these new technologies.
  • Provide a library of patterned graphical codes as front-end visualizers to be included in the RoboComp set of tools.

José Alberto Andújar