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May 23, 2019

Introduction :

​ Hello, I am Isabel Najarro Borrego and I am Computer Engineering student from Extremadura University, located in Cáceres (Spain). I love learning new things especially related to the field of computer science in robotics or artificial intelligence, among others. ​ For my GSoC project this year, I am going to focus on carrying out one more functionality for the EBO robot through Python.

About my project: Development of a Text to Speech component that operates offline for the EBO educational robot.

​ My project is based on giving EBO robot the functionality of being able to speak expressing the emotion that it has in that moment. This robot is capable of developing the emotions programmed by kids. I am going to use a TTS to reproduce its voice.

​ Also, I would like to add a phrase dictionary with which children can program to their liking and be able to give the possibility that the robot can speak without the need to give a specific phrase.

Isabel Najarro Borrego.