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New examples and scenarios for swarm robotics in RoboComp

May 23, 2019

About me

I’m José Manuel Agúndez García, a 4th-year computer engineering student at Cáceres’ School of technology. I’ve collaborated in Pyro4bot, a project in the RoboLab group at UNEX in Python for the design of a robotic oriented framework. I’m interested in robotics, artificial intelligence, and data analysis. I have some experience in python using for Web development, machine learning, data analysis, and scripting.

About the Project

Swarm robotics is an approach to the coordination of large numbers of robots in order to tackle a given task inspired by the observation of social animals and their behaviour, making individuals tasks to resolve group problems. My proposal to this idea is to implement examples of collective behaviors using swarm robotics strategies in new or old scenarios of the RoboComp RCIS simulator, like collective exploration of the scenario, patterns formation, morphogenesis or another collective activities. Also, there would be a verbal or non-verbal communication between the swarm components in order to send some commands to the crowd.