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RoboComp - Testing and comparison of alternative robotic simulator

May 23, 2019

About me

Hello Everyone! My name is Nikhil Bansal. I am currently pursuing my B.Tech + MS, in computer science at International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, India. I am very interseted in various fields of Robotics and vision. I am well acquainted with languages C, C++, JS, Python, ruby, and have used them in my course projects. I am also familiar with python libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, keras, Tensorflow. This year for my GSoC project, I will be working on building prototypes of robotics simulation using V-REP and use its APIs to connect them to RoboComp ecosystem.

About the Project

RoboComp’s current simulator, RCIS, is based on OpenSceneGraph technology and custom made sensor rendering and actuator simulation. To explore and further the other open source robot simulation technologies by connecting them to robocomp ecosystem, the project aims to write RoboComp components that connect to V-REP through its API. Specifically, the aim is to implement RoboComp’s omnirobot, jointmotor, laser, RGBD interfaces and create a model of RoboComp’s robots in V-REP.

Nikhil Bansal