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A simple robotics framework.

Introduction My name is Paras Kumar. I am a sophomore pursuing Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar. I like to build useful software and to automate my everyday tasks. It is my dream that one day I develop an application which many people will use every day and it would improve their quality of life. I think Robocomp is the best option to fulfill this purpose because it is an open source robotics framework which can be used to develop software for any kind of robot. In GSoC 2019, I will work on a widely used tool of Robocomp called RCManager.

About the project I will first fix the bugs in RCManger and ensure that it performs all the intended functions. Then I will add View->Workspace option with a Simple and Full options to let the user decide what modules, docs and windows are going to be shown. The user will be shown only the minimal set of windows when he selects Simple option and in case of Full option a menu will appear to select which windows to make visible in form of checkboxes very similar to what we can do in a regular code editor. At this point the RCManager will be able to replace current RCManagerSimple and now we can start extending RCManager.


I will extend this tool to access remote RoboComp installations to create a list of potential components to be added to the deployment set.

This extension would be to tackle the need to group sets of components into higher order entities, so visualization is simplified.

I will include the capability to probe the edges in the graph of components so a pop-up window would show in real time the traffic moving through it.

Paras Kumar