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May 22,2019
I am Shashwat Shrivastava pursuing BTech in Electronics and Communication from International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, India. My main field of interest is to accelerate image processing algorithms using FPGA’s. Thus designing hardware for different types of robots and other machines serves my research interest. This year I will be delving into the software side of robotic world. My project with RoboComp is to develop a Interactive Robotic Simulator which enables the user to change the simualation environment of the robot in real-time.

Project Synopsis

These days robots are made to deal with the real world, therefore we need a simulator which can provide a real world environment. Real world is dynamic in nature, therefore we have to provide robot with dynamic environment during the test time so that robot functions properly in the real world.
The aim of this project is to build an interactive dynamic robotic simulator where user can give robot a real world environment. Simulator will provide various features to incorporate dynamic nature of the real world.