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GSoC’20 RoboComp project: Emotion Recognition Component

June 8, 2020

About me

I am Palash Agarwal. I am a fourth year undergraduate researcher pursuing B.Tech + MS in Computer Science and Engineering from the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, India. I am very passionate about solving real life challenges using Computer Vision and Robotics. I am working with Robocomp as a student developer in GSOC’20 on the Emotion Recognition Component.

About the Project

We are living in a world where a cognitive robot can act as a human assistant and has the potential to offer social experiences through human-robot interactions. To foster this coexistence, a robot should be able to infer human emotions allowing for a more meaningful and enriched interaction between robots and humans. This project aims to design an emotion recognition component which will help establish an affective loop between humans and robots.

This project will be an expansion on the previous work to create a fast and robust emotion recognition component. It would be able to predict the 6 facial expressions anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise. We can expect the following outcomes from this project

  • A state of the art component able to predict emotions for multiple people in a video stream.
  • A principled benchmarking of the state of the art models on emotion recognition datasets.

Palash Agarwal