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GSoC’20 RoboComp project: Robocomp GUI Development

3 June 2020

About me

Hello Everyone, My name is Rahul Katiyar, I m currently pursuing my masters in computer science & engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad. I love robotics and curious about the new technologies. I will be working on the development of a GUI for robocomp, which will help to control and monitor the robot.

About the Project

Graphical user Interfaces (GUIs) plays a significant role in improving the usability of software and enable smooth interaction between the user and the system.

In this project, we are making a GUI which will connect with the DSR (Deep State Representation) which is currently based on AGM (Active Grammar-based Modeling). Also, going to implement functionalities to teleoperate the robot and generate inputs/outputs directly by the user (without the need of having an implemented module).

Major of these actions will be simulated directly by the user, adding all the necessary information in the cognitive architecture of the robot.

Rahul Katiyar