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GSoC’20 RoboComp project: Efficient acceptable social behaviour using machine learning techniques


About me

My name is Rishabh Baghel, I am an undergraduate student at the Indian Institute of Information Technology Guwahati, India. I am working with RoboComp as a part of GSoC’20 on the project which uses machine learning techniques such a graph neural networks and convolutional neural networks.

About the Project

This project will be an expansion of the previous work “Learning socially acceptable behavior using machine learning techniques on graph data” in that project algorithms were developed to produce a single score for the robot to navigate, but it required high number of queries to work. This time we are aiming for generating these scores as a heatmap which can produce all the scores at once, this will be more efficient and faster than the previous work done. A combination of GNNs and CNNs will be used to generate the maps.

Rishabh Baghel