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GSoC’20 RoboComp project: Human-Robot Dialogue and Collaboration for Social Navigation

5th June 2020

About me

Hello Everyone, my name is Rishi Gondkar, I am a third-year undergraduate student pursuing B.E. at Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Pune. I have been fascinated by robots from an early stage and love programming. I am interested and have been working in the field of Natural Language Processing for quite some time. I will be working on a conversationalAgent for Social Navigation.

About the Project

In the real world, the robot must follow social etiquettes while navigating in it, for example, avoiding getting too close to humans, avoiding interrupting a conversation, or asking permission to pass through a blocked path. To follow these protocols the robot will have to converse with humans that are in its path and ask them politely to give way so that the robot can complete its set tasks. I will be working on creating a Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) Agent for the Robot using Rasa that will help it achieve its mission. The component aims to do the following:

  1. Interact with a human creating personalized conversation according to the situation.
  2. Create and delete links in AGM between the Human and Robot.
  3. An interactive GUI for the conversation.
  4. Integrating component with Mission to activate it whenever it’s required.
  5. Implementing Test to Speech(TTS) and Automatic Speech Recognition(ASR).

Rishi Gondkar