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Final Post

This is the final post in the series of posts describing the work done in GSoC.

Work Done

I have written documentation for my code as well as creates an file to install all the dependencies for the agent. After testing the code I have created a pull request to merge my code into robocomp-viratio repository. All the task proposed for this project have been successfully completed.

Final Work Product


  • Pull Request: Link

Example of Final simulated conversation

Future Scope

  • The chatbot created can be extended to more use cases.

  • Therapy or other non-navigational chatbots can also be created and integrated.


This experience has given me immense learnings:

  1. Following best practices in scripting and avoiding workarounds.
  2. Explore the functionalities of RASA to create chatbot solutions.
  3. Developed understanding of Active Grammer based Modelling.
  4. Envisage different Robot-Human interaction situations.
  5. Develop Python and C++ expertise
  6. Understand Software Development LifeCycle
  7. Work in a collaborative environment

I would like to Thank both my mentors who always guided me and encouraged me to work harder.

Rishi Gondkar

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