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16 August, 2021


This was my first time in GSOC and I must admit that the first weeks I was a little lost, but lucky after these weeks I could adapt to the type of work that this project requires. I can say that this has been an interesting experience as is very different from a normal work in software enginnering. In other words, in these projects you have plenty freedom to take the decisions that you consider better, meanwhile in a normal job usually you have a clear path to follow.

New knowledge and skills

Thanks to this project I have improved my use of Git and also I have learned the flexibility and options of the language Markdown for writing lot of diffrent things. Also, I have discovered a great library of distribute programming call Ice that it is used by RoboComp and Learnblock for stablishing the communication between the differents component, other improvement in my skills was the use of the Tensorflow Lite that before I practically did not used and it is a effective way of implementing neural networks in low computational environments.

Final conclusion

In general, this experience has been great and has allowed me to done a real project that will benefit my career. If I have the opportunity I will repeat it with any doubt.

Alejandro Fernández Camello