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Finding Lane Lines on the Carla Simulator

Finding Lane Lines on the Road

I run this algorithm on the Carla Simulator that I already ran on real dataset.

When we drive, we use our eyes to decide where to go. The Lane lines on the road that shows us where the lanes are act as our constant reference for where to steer the vehicle. Naturally, one of the first things I would like to do in this project is to automatically detect lane lines using an algorithm.

I run this algorithm on the Carla Simulator that I already run on real dataset. For more details please check out my Post02.

About the Simulator

This simulation is carried out in Carla Simulator. The CARLA python client runs on Python 3.5.x or Python 3.6.x (x is any number). Python 3.7 is not compatible with CARLA.

In this project I detect lane lines in images using Python and OpenCV and later on video. OpenCV means “Open-Source Computer Vision”, which is a package that has many useful tools for analyzing images.

The video above talks about how I go about processing the input stream and the steps involved to build an image processing pipeline that gives just two lines as outputs — one left lane and one right lane. For more details Please check out my post02.

Final Output Video

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