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GSoC’21 RoboComp project: Webots integration

19th June, 2021

About me

I’ve just finished a second year of my studies. I am studying Automatics, Cybernetics and Robotics at the Gdańsk University of Technology (GUT) in Poland. I am enthusiast of Robotics and Informatics, currently gaining lots of experience with Python! I have already worked for quite a while with WeBots alongside the RoboComp and I am trying to pair them with each other.

About the Project

WeBots is a free open-source 3D robot simulator which could be used to simulate the RoboComp framework. It should be an alternative to the currently-used simulator(CoppeliaSim), because currently we hit a lot of compatibility issues due to Qt plugins. The main task is to create an inteface that will be able to simulate different scenarios and tasks for the framework, simply put integrate WeBots with RoboComp.

It will require deep understanding of both RoboComp and WeBots to create such interface but it is definitely possible according to the work that has already been finished and first simulations had been successfully ran through RoboComp components.