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A simple robotics framework.

Integrating RoboComp with Webots


Currently the world simulation is created with a python file that is a controller for an empty supervisor robot. The world consists of simple rectangle arena, a robot and several boxes. The robot currently uses RoboComp components alongside with some void controllers.

Setup I

This is an example of such simulation with a YouBot and additional Distance Sensor, which uses the Camera interface.

Setup II

This is very similar example of such simulation with Ribbit instead. There are two sensors now, a Lidar and a Camera.


This approach gives us opportunity to create simulation the way we want it to be using ‘pre-made’ code and there could be implemented more robots, objects or devices. Everything can be moved or rotated as the user wants with very small changes in the code.

What next?

  • Add platforms or in other words controllers for different robot movement.
  • Add a “brain” to the project that will be using RoboComp commands to steer the simulation.
  • Add more devices or objects to increase the flexibility of the simulation.