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GSoC’22 RoboComp project: Self-Adaptive controller for path following

30th June 2022

About Me

Hello Everyone! I am Swati, a MS student at International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad(IIIT-H). I work in Robotics Research Centre(RRC) under the advisor-ship of Dr.Spandan Roy. I work on Lyapunov based sliding mode, time-delay based and switching control.

About the Project

Self-adaptation is a key ability for future autonomous robots. Thanks to this capability, a robot is able to automatically adapt to changes during its operation. In the case of autonomous navigation, if the robot is endowed with this skill, it can automatically adjust a set of free parameters to improve its functioning given a cost function or metric. The effect of this adaptation is safer, more efficient, and, possibly, better socially aware navigation. The aim of this project would be to design and implement a sliding variable based adaptive controller that can self-adapt under varying circumstances. Through this the robot would be able to successfully navigate and self adapt under social constraints as well if required.

Swati Dantu